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Meet The Team


Neil Slade


General Manager

Bio: Born and bred in Middlesbrough, Neil has built a successful career in the hospitality industry spanning some thirty years, with key managerial positions at leading hotels and premium spa facilities across the UK. The day to day responsibilities of his role include overseeing daily business activities, improving overall business functions, managing finance, developing strategic plans, creating policies, and communicating business goals whilst enabling positive people development and empowering volunteers to make confident changes on their road to recovery whilst offering them a step up, in to the world of employment.


Emily Davies


Marketing & Communications Officer

Bio: With a variety of experience in a wide range of sectors, Emily is the creative behind all of the internal and external marketing and communications for Recovery Connections Enterprise Ltd. and Recovery Connections charity. 


Nicola Menzies


Head Florist, Bloom Florists

Bio: Having been in the floristry industry for over seven years, Nic (as she likes to be known) really knows her stuff! Her career started at college followed by volunteering, working in a retail setting then onto creating floral masterpieces for weddings before we were lucky enough to have her with us.

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